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All Female JagTag Tournament in Manchester, July 2023

On Wednesday 19 July, we were delighted to travel to Manchester to host the first all-female Jag Tag tournament that our Foundation has delivered.
At the Platt Lane Complex in Fallowfield, 80 girls aged from 9-11, participated in a day’s activity combining sessions dedicated to the skills related to playing Jag Tag and followed by a 5×5 tournament where the girls could put their skills to the test in a competition setting.

The morning session consisted of our experienced coaches guiding these young players through the movements, drills, and skills of JagTag. Throwing, catching, evading, which are all so important in Jag Tag were covered alongside positional drills and techniques, plus an introduction to live game scenarios, were all covered on field during this session.

After a lunch break where the girls all engaged in cross school interaction, the second part of the day consisted of 5v5 Tournament Play where our coaches ran multi pitch games, aligned with NFL Flag, to really complement the skills learned during the morning session and introduce them to a real game scenario, where teamwork and camaraderie are essential components of success.

The games worked on a knockout system with the final two teams competing for ‘JagTag Regional Champion’. St Annes Primary, Ancoats, Manchester were the winners, but all the girls had a thoroughly enjoyable day, making new friends and enjoying all the social and physical benefits that makes Jag Tag such a successful programme.

Our thanks go to JagTag coaches Tamara Tare, Tash Crump and Kerrianne Lysaght who worked alongside EdStart coaches to run the sessions and deliver a fantastic day.

Union Jax Foundation would like to congratulate all the girls that participated, as we look forward to delivering many future events.

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