Jaguars Newsletter January 2024



Newsletter January 2024

Hello and welcome to the Jaguars UK newsletter.

Well, it wasn’t the ending we expected that’s for sure.  Not making the post season is disappointing, and as a team we are reflecting on the successes and failures of this past year, making changes, and focusing on the future. The game of football is truly a game of inches and if only Calvin would have caught that pass…

However, focusing on the positives, we’ve made great strides on the field the past two years, and we can still capitalise on that momentum.  I am hopeful for next season and excited to stay on this journey with you, our loyal fan base. We will have some great stuff happening in the UK and Ireland and we know you’ll enjoy what we have planned.

Earlier this month, along with the League’s 2024 London Game announcement, we confirmed our return to Wembley Stadium for another Jaguars’ home game!  The League will welcome the Vikings and Bears to Tottenham Stadium as part of the 2024 London Games series.  We don’t know who our opponent will be at Wembley yet, so keep an eye on our social channels for that news, information on ticket sales, game dates and much more.  Make sure you’re signed up to receive the information first as soon as it’s confirmed.

Last weekend we launched our brand new JagTag 101 “drop-in and play” weekly sessions and participants included new and existing JagTag schools from Ealing and Brent. Alongside this inaugural event we again partnered with the British American Football Association (BAFA) to deliver an Offensive Clinic, where we gathered four of the best UK BAFA coaches to deliver position-based skills training for Tight Ends, Running Backs, Offensive Linemen and Quarterbacks. Over 80 athletes took part, and as you can see from the photos and videos on YouTube and our Jaguars UK website, a great time was had by all!

We are still working on plans for our 2024 UK Draft Event and the Summer Player Tour. Details on the tour including who is coming, where we are going and when, will be announced soon.  Our locker-room is full of guys wanting to travel over to the UK and Ireland this summer to meet our fans.  There truly is a special connection and we are all looking forward to meeting you on the road again soon. WE ARE THE UK and IRELAND’S TEAM!

We are also working hard on our content delivery, and I’m delighted to announce that we will be launching our very own podcast this Spring.  This podcast will give you the opportunity to get involved and get to know our community of Jaguars fans.  A place where you can come together as fans to listen, contribute, celebrate (hopefully!) and talk about everything Jaguars.  We know we have great programming coming from the US, but alongside having our own UK specific tv show, we wanted another platform to showcase all our great work we are doing here. More details to come on that, so watch this space.

We submitted our International Fan of the Year shortlist to the League office and the winner will be announced soon. We were really proud to see how many of you came forward to share your stories on being a Jaguars fan, we read them all and love the dedication to Teal!

Congratulations to Ross Matiscik for being selected to the 2023 NFL All-Pro Team and, along with Josh Allen, voted into the Pro Bowl.  Josh and Rosh’s Pro Bowl coverage will be posted to all our social channels.  We are very proud of their accomplishments, well-deserved!

Finally, although we didn’t make it to the post season, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the biggest game of the season, the Super Bowl.  Our friends at Box Park Wembley are hosting a viewing party for the game on Sunday, Feb. 11th. All the details for the party can be found on their website via this link.  We have provided some funs Jags games and prizes to make the night special for any Jags fan attending.

Until next time,


Maria Gigante

Vice President of UK Operations.

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