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Union Jax Foundation Receive WNST Grant

The Union Jax Foundation is delighted to announce its successful bid for funding from Wembley National Stadium Trust (WNST) to increase delivery of its flagship JagTag proposition in Brent.

JagTag is the Jaguars own tag-based version of American football and is already played by over 90,000 young people in various locations across the Country. One of its aims is to increase physical activity of young people to a minimum of 60 minutes per child, per week.

With the addition funding the Union Jax Foundation can impact over 1,500 young people across five delivery venues, including three new schools and community venues in Brent. The focus will be on the age group of 9–11-year old’s with a minimum 30% female participation.

JagTag is an Evasion Game, which teaches the skills of throwing, catching, running, and defending, but also stresses the need for teamwork and strategy in order to be successful. Primarily JagTag is fun to play and produces routes for young people to progress to higher levels within the sport up to a BAFA age group.

The new programmes will also enable three Schools to participate in ‘Reward Rows’ an initiative developed to give participants access to the Jacksonville Jaguars game at Wembley this Autumn.

Stewart Goshawk, Wembley National Stadium Trust CEO told us: “WNST is really pleased to be supporting the Union Jax Foundation for the first time.  As a funder, we are committed to investing in the widest possible range of community sports activities for the people of Brent, in the neighbourhoods around Wembley Stadium itself, getting more people more active.  With the Jaguars commitment both to playing NFL games at our iconic venue and working out in the local community, they are an ideal partner for us and we look forward to seeing the development of their programmes in local schools and through holiday camps.”

Andy Scott, Grassroots coordinator at Jaguars UK, added: ‘We are delighted to have received this funding as it allows us to increase our programmes in Brent, a borough that is very important to us. I am passionate about the benefits that JagTag brings to young people not just in physical activity, but mental agility, and I know it can have a huge impact on their lives. Working with our delivery partner Junior Adventures Group UK, I know that we will have a positive impact at the additional schools in Brent and we are excited to start’.

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